The Publishing
of the
Tractatus Ayyew
THE TRACTATUS AYYEW was written and published using 100% open source hardware and software developed by not-for-profit enterprises. Written using Libre Office, using a Purism Librem 13 laptop running Ubuntu and a Framework laptop running Linux Mint. The Earthbook's cloud files for writing and all final published files are hosted on an Ubuntu server running NextCloud.

The book is for sale on the GoBrik store where it’s sale in Brikcoins directly corresponds to the sequestration of plastic out of the biosphere.

The book is type set in Cooper LT Light and Regular by Oswald Cooper and Bitstream as well as Mulish Light & Regular by Vernon Adams, Cyreal, Jacques Le Bailly.

The enterprise of publishing the Tracatus Ayyew is for-Earth. This means we disclose our Ecological accounting in annual Regenerative Reports.