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Tractatus Ayyew
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The writing of the Tractatus Ayyew: Earthen Ethics is the culmination of a decade long dialogue and friendship between Russell Maier and Banayan Angway (read the full story in the preface). The book is inspired by Banayan's research and articulation of the concept of Ayyew for the Cordillera Administrative Region DepEd Indigenous Knowledge curriculum¹ and their experience founding the Filipino ecobrick movement.²

The words of the Tractatus Ayyew are written by Russell with Banayan's oversight and review. The chapter format of prefaced ecological parables is inspired by the Igorot tradition of storytelling after the Bugnas festival feast.

Banayan Angway

Banayan was the superintendent of Kalinga Mt. Province DEPED from 2015-2021. She oversaw the development of the Indigenous Culture component of the Kalinga and Mt. Province curriculum's where she integrated and developed the Ayyew concept into textbooks and lessons. As the indigenous peoples education coordinator for Mountain Province from 2011-2015 Banayan facilitated planning, implementation and evaluation of related activities that made her program known nationwide.

Russell Maier

Russell is an inventor and regenerative philosopher, currently based in Gianyar, Indonesia. Russell is a co-founder of the Global Ecobrick Alliance with Banayan. When not gardening, programming or designing, he writes on He is currently the lead of the Global Ecobrick Alliance’s Ocean to Earthen project that recovers ocean plastic to build regenerative earth and ecobrick structures.