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Tractatus Ayyew
Our declaration of author interests, income and investments

Banayan & Russell

Banayan and Russell are co-founders of the Global Ecobrick Alliance. Banyan is a paid employee of the Cordillera Adminstrative Region of the Philippines Department of Education (Kalinga Province). Russell receives commissions on GEA trainer and is an active principal in the organization.

A private donation by Trisha Joe of 2500$ USD was received in 2020 to purchase the Librem laptop and upon which this work was written. A second donation of 3000$ USD by the same supporter was received to publish the Tractatus Ayyew Earthbook edition in 2022.

Other than the above, no grants, sponsorships or funding from any organizations, companies, governments or corporations were received by Russell or Banayan to support the writing of the Tractatus Ayyew or at any time for any other of their work.